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Buckshot Production

"Lead ball" size between 1,75mm-4,00mm is called leadshot. All "lead ball" size above 4,00mm is called buckshot. The production method of producing leadshot is casting the lead onto a mold. On the other hand we must apply swaging method for producing buckshot.

First we need leadwire. The diameter of leadwire depends on the buckshot size to be produced. Here the material content of lead affects the leadwire diameter also. Leadwire is feeded into the swaging unit. The wire gets a straight form inside the machine and special cylindrical molds form the desired buckshot balls. A lapping unit which is integrated to the swager removes the burr on the buckshot.

In order to get the perfect shape buckshots filled into a drum where 45 minutes long processed. A final graphite plating drum finalize the surface of buckshot. Finally graphited coated shiny buckshot is produced. A mirror system helps to select not cylindrical buckshots and eliminate them.