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Leadcore Production

In order to produce leadcore we need a "reliable" leadwire. Reliable mean the leadwire must have all the same diameter in every point. This is very crucial. Also exruded leadwire must wait at least 24 hours to get colder. If leadwire is not cold enough it will interrupt the production.

Another important topic is the leadcore mold. The leadcore must have all the same weight. However there can be variation between material content of different leadwire. Mold must be designed so that the weight of the leadcore must be adjustable by changing the length of the leadwire.

Also the ejection pin is important. If the leadcore will continue with FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) process the ejection pin sign is less important. If it will be copper plated or loaded as it is the ejection pin is very important. The burr on it can must be removed before processing.

If some spacil leadcores with oili channel wanted to produced we will need two pieces mold which can be opened and closed. The production method here changes and the machine type must also be changed. Here the most critical thing is the mold sign on the leadcore. There is s special design for mold to avoid this sign.