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Melting Lead and Casting Billets

Usually lead ingots weigh between 24-28 kg each. With a melting pot we need to melt the lead and get the liquid form. The melting point of lead is 328 degree celcius. Usually the working heat level is around 360 degree celcius as most of the case lead is not pure and some elemnts like antimony increases the melting point level. After we get the liquid form of lead we are ready for casting. But here mixing the lead inside the pot is very vital. The density of lead is 11,35 gr/cc. Thus lead can obsorb too much heat. We need to mix the lead to get the same heat level in the pot. We can do the mixing either with a special mixer or with a pump which rotates the lead between the pot and pouring station. Afterwards melted lead will be poured into billet mold. Here the size of the billet depends on customer need. But usually 75mm dimameter and 150mm long billets are used. Pouring lead can be don either pneumatic or mechanical. The mold holding station rotates once one mold is filled. After the lead gets solid inside the mold it is dropped to billet collection box.