Usually lead ingots weigh between 24-28 kg each. With a melting pot we need to melt the lead and get the liquid form. The melting point of lead is 328 degree celcius. Usually the working heat level is around 360 degree celcius as most of the case lead is not pure and some elemnts like antimony increases the melting point level.

There are two main ways to produce leadshot. Both are based on casting. Liquid lead droplet will get a round form if you drop it from 50 meter high. Building a tower and dropping the lead is the very first way to produce leadshot. If we talk about producing leadshot with "machine" this is the Bleimeister technique. Here the same affect is created only in a small height with the help of molding and playing with other parameters.

"Lead ball" size between 1,75mm-4,00mm is called leadshot. All "lead ball" size above 4,00mm is called buckshot. The production method of producing leadshot is casting the lead onto a mold. On the other hand we must apply swaging method for producing buckshot.

In order to produce leadcore we need a "reliable" leadwire. Reliable mean the leadwire must have all the same diameter in every point. This is very crucial. Also exruded leadwire must wait at least 24 hours to get colder. If leadwire is not cold enough it will interrupt the production.